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Caregiver Connections - Committees

If you are able to devote some time, energy and talents to supporting other caregivers, the Caregiver Connection welcomes caregivers and volunteers to join the Steering Committee and work with others on one of the following committees.  Can’t get out?  Much of the volunteering can be done from home!


Events Committee:  Have fun helping to plan social events for caregivers, including the Caregiver Picnic, Skills Fair, Day of Renewal, etc.


Communications/Outreach Committee:  Provide literature and information through Caregiver Connection brochures, newspaper articles, etc., to locations around the county to educate the general population; assist with sending out greeting cards for special occasions; send out reminders of meetings to attendees and anyone who has expressed an interest in attending a meeting.


Partnership Committee:  Keep the Community Partners up-to-date with Caregiver Connection events, and help recruit new partners to the Caregiver Connection.


Education Committee:  Help plan the annual Journey Program and other educational events for caregivers.


Coffee Committee:  Assist in offering mutual support and share information at the Caregiver Coffees.  Provide support for and advocate for other caregivers in our community.


Website Committee: Work with the website administrator to ensure the website and social site information is current and accurate.

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