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About Us

The Caregiver Connection consists of volunteers representing family caregivers of older adults, area agencies and organizations that have a heart for the crucial role that caregivers perform in caring for others and community members committed to the needs and interests of family caregivers in Ozaukee County. 

The Caregiver Connection of Ozaukee County is funded through community partner membership dues and donations.


Our History

Professionals and caregivers came together with funding through a grant from the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources and formed the Caregiver Coalition of Ozaukee County in 2010.  These individuals determined the vision, mission statement, and overall direction that they felt the coalition should take to help people identify themselves as caregivers and help them reach out and find appropriate resources that can help them on their caregiving journey. In 2016, the name was changed to The Caregiver Connection of Ozaukee County. The core values remain the same today as when the Caregiver Coalition was created, as we discover and provide tools that can benefit caregivers as well as provide outlets where caregivers can learn valuable information and locate resources.

Our Vision
Empower family caregivers throughout Ozaukee County and improve their quality of life.   


Our Mission
To support, educate and advocate for all adult caregivers.


Our Values

We are committed to helping caregivers with the same dedication with which they help their loved ones. In carrying out our mission, we:

  • Promote empathy as a means of building awareness of the struggles of all caregivers.

  • Recognize that although caregivers come from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences, their struggles are common and can be more easily overcome together.

  • Promote respect for those who are in caregiving roles as we strive to transform their lives from ones of solitude to ones of communal support.


Our Accomplishments

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