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Caregiver Connect Articles
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Facts for Life Newsletter Articles
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Community Partner Articles
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The book "Still Alice" looks at the onset of dementia from inside out and can help caregivers of those with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.

Author's personal story about losing her husband

Personal story about when a caregiver passes

The value of Adult Day Care and the closing of Lakefield Adult Day Center

Behaviors, not words, show awareness and love when demenita is present

Travel tips for someone with a disability

Senior dining sites in Ozaukee County

Ways to ask for help

Community businesses will help you!

Participating in a study for Alzheimer's disease

Rita's personal story and caregiver resources

Don't despair if you can't keep a promise you've made

Feeling grateful can help change a caregiver's perspective

Medical alert systems and identification: a MUST for caregivers

Caregivers need the love and concern of friends

Attributes of a loving caregiver

Strategies to fight social isolation while caregiving

Dealing with frustration and anger while caregiving

Benefits of laughter and humor in caregiving

Negative results of caregiving that can be alleviated

Dealing with driving issues when caring for a loved one

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Miscellaneous Caregiver Articles

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2018 Alzheimer's Disease facts and figures

Includes information about the cost of caregiving

Signs that it may be time for a loved one to move to assisted living

Lists things to watch for when visiting or caring for a loved one

Find Support in Your Caregiver Role 

The value and importance of attending a support group


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